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Why Become a Medical Assistant in Houston?

A medical assistant is a versatile position with a demand for the role that is growing rapidly. Medical assistants work alongside doctors and nurses to perform administrative and clinical tasks that help keep medical offices running smoothly. If you are interested in entering the medical field quickly or exploring your options, becoming a medical assistant in Houston may be right for you.

Work in Any State

One of the best things about being a medical assistant is that you can work in any state in the country. Medical assistants are needed everywhere, from small rural towns to major metropolitan areas. Wherever you want to live, you will likely be able to find a medical facility looking to hire a skilled medical assistant.

Start Working Faster

Compared to many other allied healthcare professions, you can become a medical assistant quite quickly. Many medical assisting programs take less than a year to complete. Some medical assistants choose to learn on the job without any formal training. And unlike nursing, you don’t need to get a 4-year college degree first. If you want to get started in the medical field relatively fast, medical assisting may be the right path.

Good Starting Salary with Less Secondary Education

Given the minimal education requirements, medical assistants actually make a decent living. The average annual salary for medical assistants is over $30,000 annually. With more experience, many medical assistants make over $40,000. The relatively short training period and sizable salary make it easy to see why so many people pursue this career path.

Job Security

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing job sectors. An aging population requires more doctors, nurses, medical assistants and other vital support staff. Medical assistants typically work 40 hours per week, but job prospects remain excellent for anyone considering this profession. Being a medical assistant provides stable, reliable employment year after year.

Specialize if You Want

Some medical assistants choose to specialize by gaining additional certifications in areas like ophthalmology, podiatry or optometry. These specializations allow medical assistants to command higher salaries. Some medical assistants use their experience as a stepping stone towards other healthcare careers. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Contact the Texas Health School to Learn More About Our Programs for Medical Assistants in Houston

If becoming a versatile and valued medical assistant appeals to you, contact the Texas Health School today. We deliver an accredited training program at our Houston campus that will fully prepare you for this rewarding career. Start your new career as a medical assistant in Houston today!

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