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Preparing for a Medical Assistant Career with Training and Accreditation

Medical assisting is a fast-growing field that offers clinical and administrative roles. Whether you’re assisting physicians with patient care or keeping the office running smoothly, Medical Assistants are essential to healthcare. Let’s review the knowledge and skills you’ll need to become a top-notch Medical Assistant with medical assistant training and accreditation.

The Knowledge and Skills You Will Need

Clinical Skills

You’ll need to be proficient in tasks like taking vital signs, administering injections, and drawing blood. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with standard medical equipment, and get comfortable with procedures such as EKGs and sterilization methods.

People Skills

Communication is key. You’ll be the intermediary between patients and healthcare providers. Active listening, empathy, and clear verbal communication are all vital skills to develop.

Technical Skills

You’ll use healthcare-specific software for tasks like scheduling appointments and managing patient records. Basic computer skills are essential.

Office Administration


Get the hang of maintaining both digital and physical health records. Accuracy and attention to detail are crucial here.


Appointments need to be made on time. This means effective scheduling and time management are key skills to be developed.

Customer Service

A medical assistant often acts as the first point of contact for a patient, so you’ll need good customer service skills. This includes answering phones, greeting patients, understandingand helping with administrative tasks like billing.


Medical jargon can be like a foreign language. Familiarize yourself with common terms used in the medical field. Whether it’s medical conditions, pharmaceuticals, or surgical procedures, you’ll need to understand what’s being discussed to do your job effectively.

Law and Ethics

Get acquainted with healthcare laws and ethics that are applicable in your jurisdiction. This includes things like patient privacy rules, medical record confidentiality, and the ethical considerations involved in healthcare.

Insurance and Diagnostic Coding

You’ll often deal with medical insurance claims and billing, so understanding how medical insurance works is essential. Learning diagnostic coding will help you accurately record patient diagnoses and treatments for billing and insurance purposes.

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